Heliotrope 9

The Eclectic Ensemble

The music of The Eclectic Ensemble is  an instrumental style that  is influenced by Jazz  free-form improvisation, Asian harmonic structure, African, Middle Eastern, and Indonesian interlocking rhythms, and ambient texture schemes. Bass guitar, electric guitar, violin, custom dulcimer, programmed synthesizer, various bells/chimes, hand drums, and field recordings (market places, parties, ocean surf, etc.) are the most common instruments in The Eclectic Ensemble.

The Eclectic Ensemble (originally called The Minneapolis Improv. Group 1996- 2000) has been active in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul metro for 13 years performing at venues such as; Franconia Sculpture Park, St. Paul Landmark Center, The Walker Arts Center, The Soap Factory, Gus Luckys, The Weisman Art Museum, 1st. Ave., and Acadia Cafe.

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